Blogging for Jesus

Blogging for Jesus: Why You Should Start a Christian Blog and How to Do it

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Be an Influencer for Jesus Christ.

Recently enlarged and updated!

Blogging is alive and well, and you can reach the world with your Christian values on ANY topic.

You can have a Christian blog about food, fashion, cars or ANY other topic, not just theology. This book explains how you can use topics that interest you to influence people for Jesus. And you can blog without the fear of being blocked by censors on social media.

Not only can you share your faith, but you can use it as a “tentmaking” ministry to get needed income.

Donald L. Hughes has been a Christian Blogger since the dawn of the internet, and he shares valuable secrets about why and how you should start a Christian blog today.

Creating a blog is easy and relatively inexpensive, and when you do it right, you can reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people from your chair.

Don’t make some of the common mistakes of Christian bloggers. Get the helpful insights you need from this book. Be a good steward of your time, energy, and money by reading this book before you start.

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What’s inside this recently updated 105-page book:

1 Jesus Blogger 
2 A Blogging Strategy for the 21st Century
3 Blogging Basics
4 How to Select Your Topic
5 An Overview of the Writing Process
6 How to Construct a Blog Post
7 Scheduling Posts
8 How to Build a Readership
9 Income Opportunities
10 How to Set Up Your Blog
11 Use Your Blog as a Launch Platform
12  Leveraging Technology: ChatGPT in Action

13 A Blessing on Christian Bloggers
Special: A Biblical Basis for Christian Relationship Blogging

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