Capturing Faith: How to Write a Local Church History

Capturing Faith How to Write a Local Church History
Celebrate Your Local Church!

Your local church is a community of believers with a story to tell. Write a book about your history and highlight the people who were faithful to God over the years.

Every church has a wonderful tale of history, biography, and powerful faith to tell.

Capturing Faith: How to Write a Local Church History by Donald L. Hughes provides the details you need to research, write, publish, and sell your local church history.

He explains how you can do it individually or as part of a church committee. He offers tips about how to collect data and interview people. Importantly, he reveals how you gain congregation enthusiasm to finance the project and achieve sales.

Hughes even discusses how freelance writers can specialize wi writing local church histories on contract so they don’t have to rely on patchy sales of other types of books.

This is the book you need to launch your local church history adventure.

Available exclusively at in digital and paperback editions.

Chapters in this 174-page book:

1. Find a Need and Meet It
2. Enlisting Support
3. Research for Success
4. The Writing Process
5. Publishing Methods
6. Marketing and Distribution
7. A Local Church History Writing Ministry


Appendix A ‑ How to Conduct an Oral History
Appendix B – Book Production Workflow
Appendix C ‑ The Structure of a Book
Appendix D – Selected Resources

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