Consulting Services

Does your writing, editing, or publishing project hinge on getting professional advice?

writing and publishing consulting services

Sometimes the success of your writing project stalls because of one crucial decision. You don’t know where to turn to break through the barrier to your progress. The

Get specific answers to your specific questions. I provide time and money-saving options to aid your decision-making process. Don’t trust advice from strangers on Facebook or elsewhere. Get insight from an experienced writing and publishing professional. See my credentials here.

A consulting session normally deals with a particular issue or several related issues. That can include anything from the development of your book, writing or editing issues, or anything dealing with the snakepit of publishing and book marketing.

I have seasoned, professional, up-to-date answers to the book and blog questions you have.

A 45-minute consulting session is $77, payable when the consultation session is booked. Session time is not transferable to later sessions, and payment is not refundable. See “Service” terms.

Contact me here for an email/telephone/Zoom appointment.

We’ll communicate by either email or face-to-face via video Zoom, or by telephone in the US. It’s your choice. The time can be used in any way you wish. I will answer any questions, help you define your strategy, and make recommendations about writing, publishing, or book promotion concerns.

I often email additional resources to clients after the session, so you will always get maximum value for your session time.

You can repeat this one-time session as different issues arise by arranging a new consulting appointment at a new session fee. Please see my Christian Author Book Shepherding program if you want ongoing support as you write your book.