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Thank you for considering me for a podcast interview.

I want to do what I can to serve you.

Here’s the helpful information on this page:

1. Backgrounder. Who I am, how I can fit into one of your podcast slots.

2. The different topics I am qualified to discuss.

3. A contact form to invite me to be on your podcast.

Podcast Backgrounder

I am an evangelical Bible-believing Christian with wide training and experience. Please read my brief bio here.


I have a fairly open schedule and will do my best to accommodate your schedule. I ask you to offer two times in the form below and I will confirm one of them. Since I don’t know where you are located,  I ask that you request a time in the Pacific Time Zone, not yours, to eliminate possible confusion.


We can talk by cell phone or by Zoom. I like video Zoom for a friendly face-to-face podcast talk.


1. You connect with me on the agreed interview day and time.

2. You promote our upcoming conversation in advance of the episode’s air date. Announcement at church, your email list, social media, and other means. Please use a “highways and hedges” approach (Luke 14:23) since we will be talking about amazing spiritual things. See my BONUS package.

3. I have a list of your questions 24 hours before the appointed time. I like a free-wheeling conversation as long as there is a supporting structure. The communicator’s magic word: “Hocus Focus.” (See BONUS below).

my podcast topics

One topic per podcast episode. Please invite me back if you want to discuss a second topic.

1. My latest book: GOD CREATED ChatGPT: A ChatGPT Guide for Pastors, Teachers, Church Staff, Christian Writers, and Other Christian Workers. Details here. This is a controversial topic, and you’re sure to get a lot of listeners if you promote it in advance.  I’m happy to send you the Amazon ebook edition before our interview.

2. My recent book, A Christian Guide to Being Kind in an Unkind World: How to Overcome Evil with Good in Your Daily Life. Details here.  Christians can change the world by being kind. I offer a practical plan for Christians to emulate the kindness of Jesus even when it is hard.  Yes, I’m happy to send you the Amazon ebook edition before our interview.

3. One of my older books, but a favorite:  Blogging for Jesus: Why You Should Start a Christian Blog and How to Do It. Details here. I have recently updated this. I offer an unusual and important perspective on Christian blogging. Of course, I’ll send you a complimentary Amazon ebook edition when you book me.

4. Christian writing. I have over three decades of experience as an author, editor, and writing educator. I have written or ghostwritten over 42 books, and have helped hundreds of Christian authors reach their writing goals. I’ll discuss all aspects of the process, including writing, publishing, and book promotion. I have “secrets” I will impart and will discuss pitfalls as well as opportunities.

5. A Christian perspective on today’s social and political climate. It is bound to generate some controversy and increase your listenership if you promote it well.  You can see a sample of my views here and here. They have been shaped by the Bible (we are citizens of the Kingdom of God; other nations rise and fall) and my Christian service in places like Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, and the South Pacific.

podcaster bonus

As a podcaster, you know episode success starts before the interview. I want to support you in that. That’s why I’d like to offer you this free promo pack, geared to the topic you select, when you book me. Please adapt it to your needs.

1. A news release you can publish. It will promote your podcast and our episode.

2. A series of promotional blurbs you can use on social media or in church bulletins.

3. A pair of short announcements you can send to your email list.

4. Sample show notes.

5. A list of 12 questions you can ask me about the topic to use, or to augment your own questions.

I will supply image support based on the topic of the interview.

contact - pod

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