The Will of God for Christian Relationships


The Will of God for Christian Relationships

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Taboo Topics Important to You!

Are you in the Will of God even though you have some strange thoughts and odd behavior?

You can find out by reading, The Will of God for Christian Relationships: Questions About Real Problems Faced by Real People, with Spiritual Insights About their Solutions by Donald L. Hughes.

The Bible is the standard for Christians, but the problem is, many of the interpretations of it have been tainted by cultural bias. What does the Bible REALLY say, and how can you live your life today without the cultural bias?

Author Donald L. Hughes digs into important Christian relationship issues and provides helpful biblical insight. These are not imaginary questions either; they were submitted to him bu real people. The answers in this book have already helped tens of thousands of people.

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What’s inside this 248-page book:

Section 1 – Can You Know the Will of God?
1 – Guidance from God
2 – The Dilemma of Divine Guidance
3 – Bringing Jesus into Your Decisions
Section 2 – Guidance for Singles
4 – How to Find the Right Christian Mate
5 – Should Sex End for Single Christians?
6 – What About a 4th Marriage?
7 – Should Boyfriend Use a Condom?
8 – Should Separated Christians Date Others?
9 – Christians and Masturbation
10 – Prophecy, Conspiracy Theories Hinder Relationship
11 – Adultery: Is there a Loophole?
12 – Church Singles Group Etiquette
Section 3 – Guidance about Family Life
13 – Letting Go of the Past
14 – Bringing Calm to a Chaotic Home
15 – When a Catholic Becomes Born Again
16 – Homeschooling is Not for Everyone
17 – When a Christian Husband Strays from Jesus
18 – Saying Grace Among Non-Believers
Section 4 – Guidance for Work and World
19 – Should Christians Only Do Business With Other Christians?
20 – No Gratitude for Helping Others
21 – The Sacred and the Secular
22 – Being a Bipolar Christian
23 – What to Do When a Friend Does Dope
24 – Snide Remarks in the Workplace
25 – Loud Stereos and Fruitful Witness
26 – Dealing with Enemies
Section 5 – Guidance about Church and Faith
27 – The Pastor and the Money
28 – A Gossip in the Church?
29 – Should A Pastor Take Sides During Counseling?
30 – Why Study the Bible?
31 – Mature Christians Reproduce
32 – A Boring Pastor
Section 6 – Guidance for Seniors
33 – A Cynical Search for a Christian Mate
34 – Where to Bequeath Money
35 – Marrying a “Younger Woman” at 83
36 – Estranged Adult Children
37 – When Elderly Relatives Fall In Love
38 – Age Groups in Churches: Not Just for Kids

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